So where can you go to buy your cannabis? Or is my smoke legal man?

So where can you go to buy your cannabis? Or is my smoke legal man?

So we all know that weed is a good thing. A good smoke chills, thrills and gets you to the hills and there’s no need for pills or massive bills. Either a pipe or a rizla and away you go. So why, in the 21st century, does cannabis cause so much angst in the political classes? Given that many of them, depsite a clear lack of chin and an absence of spinal fluid,

So where can you go to buy your cannabis? Or is my smoke legal man?

really should have better things to do with their time we have a situation where cannbis remains an illegal product in many countries. It’s absurd in the extreme and here’s just one example. In the UK I can, perfectly legally, eat a live badger yet I can be arrested for smoking a single spliff. Wrong on so many levels.

So where in the world can you go for your blow without getting your collar felt by PC Plod? Well Mashed Crab isn’t about to set down a comprehensive list because that’s what Wikipedia is for but will rather compare and contrast some of the different approaches and why they tend to show that a more liberal, realxed and tolerant attitude to cannabis is a good thing for everyone. At this point it’s best for the Daily Mail readers to run along now, go and beat yourself off to Carol Voderman/Eamonn Holmes (delete as applicable) and come back when you’re feeling more understanding, which basically means just fuck off and go and bore someone else with your ‘our bins only get collected once a week’ shit.

Our friends the Dutch

Even in Holland cannabis isn’t legal. It’s a legal point more than a reality one but cannabis has been decriminalised, it’s not legal. This means the government have reserved the right to set limits and boundaries on the use of cannabis, which in general terms is fair enough. You can buy, sell, smoke and toke to your hearts content, and many of us have, without fear of arrest or conviction. This is why many Dutch people are happy, friendly and pleased to see you. This is also why the Dutch don’t read the Daily Mail.

Our friends the English

In England cannabis is illegal. Since 2009 cannabis has been a class B drug, viewed as more dangerous than an armed beaver or a pint of vodka (and obviously deemed more dangerous than a really pissed beaver). The home secretary at the time, Jackie Smith, overruled the considered opinion of the governments scientific advisor (a man widley regarded as a leader in his field) and moved cannabis from class c to class b. This was done to appease Daily Mail readers and had no basis in fact or science. Jackie Smith claimed money from the taxpayer to fund her husbands porn habit and ripped off us all by taking the piss on expenses, yet somehow this woman was able to make life less pleasant for millions of smokers. This is why many people in England are not happy, are unfriendly and aren’t plesed to see you. It also why many people in England read the Daily Mail, still believe that having a royal family is a good thing and it also why it rains alot.


Cannabis should be legal everywhere. Where cannbis is tolerated people are happy. Where it is illegal people are sad. Of course in countries where cannbis is illegal people still get hold of it, smoke it and toke it, and THOSE people are quite happy. These people also don’t tend to believe the shit peddled by the Daily Mail and those people have never given a shit about the frequency of bin collections.

Mashed Crab surveyed 200 badgers, 40 beavers and a dog called Bert, ignored the findings, smoked a fat toke and let you know the outcome…………….

So where can you go to buy your cannabis? Or is my smoke legal man?So where can you go to buy your cannabis? Or is my smoke legal man?


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  1. Fabby Dozy says:

    I get the feeling I want to take a copy of the Daily Mail to Amsterdam, then roll and smoke it!

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