So which cannabis to use for the 80 tokes board game?

So which cannabis to use for the 80 tokes board game? (or how to avoid a whitey on the first lap).

A message from the overlords. Having spent 9 years developing and perfecting the board game, with tweeks a plenty and many test runs, the overlords would like to share a few useful tips with you. This is done to enhance the playing pleasure but also to make sure you don’t spend too much time picking up your face off the floor or watching your mates melt in front of you. Trust us, we’ve seen previously strong and chatty men get as far as Tasmania, find they have been moved back to the last player and then laughed to the point of exhaustion as one particualr question hits the sweet spot, then go very quiet and keel over. It doesn’t happen often, and it’s usually the bloke who hasn’t smoked cannabis for a while, but with a little preparation it can all be avoided.

Tip one – choose your cannabis wisely. As much as we all love a smoke that would stop a charging Rhino it’s probably best to start on the mellow gear. YOU WILL SMOKE ALOT playing the game (nicely) so ease the crew into the game with some Maroccan hash or Kif, or play the first lap with a bag of nice herb.

Tip two – keep the munchies close by. You don’t want to lose one of the crew on a mission to the fridge. These missions often result in sending another crew member to the kitchen to find out where the hell the first one has got to and before you know it you’re all in the kitchen trying to find new ways to combine crisps and chocolate. Have them close by to avoid killing the fridge.

Tip three – have plenty of cannabis in before starting the game. This is not a board game to be played half arsed! Call your dealer a few days before to make sure the tin is well stocked. Better still get the bloody dealer over to play!

Tip four – generally ignore all tips. We’re not your bleedin’ mother now are we so make it clear at the first roll of the dice that as much as you like each other there will be no allowance made for lightweights, no excuses that will allow you to leave early and no skipping the toker rounds even if you do turn a weird colour. Playing 80 tokes will be one of the highlights of your LIFE, not just a highlight of the year, so give it the respect it deserves and work through the haze.

Having road tested the game with some of the best people out there we can confidently say that your biggest concern will soon become landing on Saudi Arabia and losing all your cannabis. That, and wondering if it is medically possbile to die of laughter (it is, we’ve checked). Chill out, light up and enjoy the ride and play the bloody board game man. The overlords will be back…………..Overlord One


So which cannabis to use for the 80 tokes board game?



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  1. Viva L'Espana says:

    So I’m guessing a Pot containing Northern Lights or some filthy hash oil would be best avoided for the newbies?

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