Not content with blaming immigrants………..the bloody Daily Mail!

Not content with blaming immigrants………..the bloody Daily Mail! Or why look at the science when prejudice, bigotry, racism, smugness and a general air of being right will do?


So we all think we know a bit about the Daily Mail, its readership and the overall attitudes it/they try to push as fact and opinion. Using this particular headline gives us a useful start, for it demonstrates that facts and the truth are simply ignored to push the agenda. What the facts actually said was that immigration has made a significant net CONTRIBUTION to the UK and that immigration has added a wonderful layer of culture that would otherwise be dominated by pasty arsed, middle aged and sad fucking white folk who care more about the price of a bun at the local tea room than they do about the slaughter of innocents abroad. ‘I’m not racist but’…………..FUCK OFF Daily Mail reader, please………..

kjhhg(with apologises but it does make the point, don’t you think?)

And of course we shouldn’t forget how easy it is to kick out at, defame and generally slag off the most vulnerable members of society. Your typical Daily Mail fuckwit shitforbrains (yes it is one word) likes nothing more than to imagine that they are completely perfect, having been born with the ‘right’ colour skin, and having worked hard for all that life has brought them (neatly assuming that everyone went to a nice public school, enjoyed being fellated by the games master in year two, inherited the family house and got a job for life with the local solicitors dealing with similar people who had exactly the same outlook so reinforced all the bullshit) which gives them the right to shit on anyone else who isn’t them………..

Not content with blaming immigrants...........the bloody Daily Mail!

Ignoring the money grabbing wife of Satan for a moment the headline works on many levels for your brain dead Mail reader. The most important parts being that it is bullshit AND it attacks a generally voiceless part of society. Well done Mail readers, pat yourself on the back, take your cock out of the Waitrose free range chicken and get yourself a mug of coffee for you’ve proved your a sad and sick human being.

Now, you may say, what is the Crab on about this time? We know the DM is a demented paper written for the feeble minds of middle England, with it’s racist tendencies and wish to kill the poor. Well, my friends, the Mail also has another ‘issue’ in its sights, and that issue is weeeeeeed.

Not content with blaming immigrants...........the bloody Daily Mail!

Having already connected the start of World Wars one and two, the birth of Marilyn Manson, falls in house prices, ebola, lack of sun during winter months and the cost of a free range chicken from Waitrose the dopes at the Mail would like to connect every death with smoking the holyweed. What a bunch of fuckwits!


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  1. Until now, I had taken the Daily Mail with a pinch of salt. Now I shall simply bypass that and add a large pinch of nature’s finest. It’s either that, or I just keep using its absorbent qualities in the lavatory.

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