David Cameron…..you couldn’t make it up!

David Cameron…..you couldn’t make it up! Or, as a consequence, I won’t make it up because once a twat…..


So not content with being the ‘chap’ who presided over a government that:

1. Reduced tax bills for millionaires whilst simultaneously charging a bedroom tax for the poor

2. Took vital funds away from the disabled whilst fighting the corner of discredited bankers

3. Stopped measuring child poverty levels whilst simultaneously granting extra subsidies to the wealthy owners of grouse moors


4. Promised ‘no top down reorganisation of the NHS’ whilst swiftly doing just that with a big cash promise to his mates in privatisation world

5. Bombed Libya whilst being accused of fucking a pigs head

David Cameron.....you couldn't make it up!

6. Was found to have benefited significantly from an off-shore tax dodge whilst simultaneously removing benefits from terminally ill people

7. Called a referendum for the benefit of internal tory politics whilst simultaneously sucking the cocks of hedge fund managers and investment bankers …………..ok, I may’ve made THAT one up but you get the bloody point……..what a nasty, backward, thick motherfucker he is.

David Cameron, Bullingdon Club alumini, Eton schooled son of a tax dodger, had such an utter lack of self-awareness and a complete disregard for the broader population, decided to reward various in breds, hangers on and general incompetents with very deep pockets with a disgraceful resignation ‘if my nose got any further up your arse I would be wearing you as a fetching pair of ear rings’ dishonours list. Yep, what a twat.


This is how David Cameron really wanted to reward his mates………..


But instead Cameron decided to give peerages and knighthoods to some of the most undeserving people in the country…….although, to be fair, they did mostly give millions to the tory party, so that’s alright then!

David Cameron, you viewed being PM as a career choice. You found the country with many problems and you’ve made the existing problems worse and have added a few further problems of your own………….oh, and have made a reasonably tolerant country more racist, more anti-immigrant, more uncaring and less understanding than few would’ve thought possible. David, glad you’re gone you fucker, just wish you’d never been here before………..TWAT!



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