Mashed Crab brings you the news – who knew TEN?

Mashed Crab brings you the news – who knew TEN? Or Mashed Crab couldn’t let the story about Bob Marley pass you by…..

Mashed Crab brings you the news - who knew TEN?

So the momentum is picking up, more US states vote for legalisation, Uruguay is completely spliff friendly and even monster capitalist private equity is now taking note. For this week it was announced that Privateer Holdings, a company that describes itself as ‘a private equity firm
shaping the future of the legal cannabis industry’, has joined forces with the Marley estate to launch the first GLOBAL cannabis brand. They are calling it Marley Natural and for your visual pleasure here it is……….


So how far have we come and where will it take us? Mashed Crab, who as you know brings you the news but doesn’t have crystal balls (nor golden balls for that matter but hey ho) would like to suggest that we may be at a very important turning point in the cannabis story. For far too long we’ve had to put up with hypocritical politicians world wide who, often running scared of  mentally impaired Daily Mail types, general ignorance and scare mongering have maintained that cannabis is very bad and so should remain illegal. Fuckers.

Mashed Crab brings you the news - who knew TEN?

Mashed Crab has to say that the above image has fuck all to  all to do with the cannabis revolution but bugger me, it’s funny and does make soooooo many points in one easy picture. And it does mock the afflicted Mail readers who should all hang their heads in shame. Hats off lads.

Anyway, back to cannabis and the progress being made. Finally, after decades of bullshit and lies, we may be at the point where the next headline you read may be this one……


IT CAN NOT COME SOON ENOUGH. We’ve had to put up with the status quo for far too long and as we all know a spliff is much less harmful than being attacked by a mutant lesbian martian inter-galactic tory spider from the planet ‘PardonMe’. At least that what my friend Lorna Mower told me the last we time we saw each other. And here is the PROOF……



See, told you so……………until next time Mashed Crab fans, for I see a bright future…….oh bugger, I’ve just set light to the sofa….

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