Mashed Crab and stoned adventures under the sea……

Mashed Crab and stoned adventures under the sea……or why does my spliff keep going out?

So Mashed Crab has realised that I haven’t taken you to my world (no, not the stoned place where we all like to be). In my world you don’t really need to be stoned to appreciate the surroundings but as my uncle once said ‘This plaice is great, but stoned it’s faaaaaaantastic’. And this is why he said that because this is where we lived…..


And this was one of the neighbours……….


And this was too…………..


And this was why we loved living here once the spliff was passed around……….


And this was what often happended when the spliff was strong…..


And this was what often happened when the spliff was REALLY strong…..


And the long term effects were obvious for all to see……


And it was sometimes difficult to decide if it was a stone fish or a stoned fish…..


But either way I just love being free and under the sea. Just a pity you sad humans keep shitting in our pools and stealing all our fish. Why can’t you just get on with a toke and a smile and leave us under sea movers and groovers alone for a while……….now get on and play the game!


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