NICE CANNABIS before bed, before dinner, before work, before you know it………


That’s it for today, although it’s always time for a spliff and a toke. Is it bong time? Is it spliff time? Is it bucket time? Or do you fancy a hash brownie with your tea? Either way, skin up, light up and toke up ’til your knees ache for the merciful society of Mashed Crab united will join you in a smoke. Are you off to Brixton or getting your score off the darkweb, delivered to order with a bitcoin and a smile? Either way it’s good to have some nice cannabis for the journey to the place you’re off to, or head you’re off, or tits that spin when the sun goes down. Remember don’t watch a frog smile unless you’ve seen the movie, and even then make sure the frog has had a smoke and has brought his own cannabis. The solution to most problems, either big or small, is to grab a bag of cannabis, roll a fat one and get playing 80 tokes. There’s just no better way of being.


Nice Cannabis before bed, before dinner, before work, before you wake up, before you know it………Mashed Crab is off to smoke a bit more and get some mates over for another round of 80 tokes…….

nice cannabis

So come back soon for some more of this……………….

nice cannabis

And this………….

nice cannabis

And this………………

nice cannabis

One comment on “NICE CANNABIS
  1. Spiralize says:

    MC – you’re the MAN! Visuals a-good’un.

    Smoke it!

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