Nice Mr Mashed Crab………..

Nice Mr Mashed Crab………..or PLEASE stop fucking the planet you twats!

Have you ever woken to the sound of the birds?

Have you ever heard a lion roar?

Have you ever touched a giraffes’ head?

Have you ever listened to an elephants’ snore?

Nice Mr Mashed Crab

Have you ever roamed through ancient forests?

Have you ever felt the texture of a mahogany’s leaves?

Have you ever seen the blooming of the acacia?

Have you ever heard the sigh as the forest breaths?

Nice Mr Mashed Crab

Have you ever seen the salmon as they jump for home?

Have you ever dived into a fresh mountain pool?

Have you ever felt the grip of a cold morning fog?

Have you ever tasted rain water when it’s cool?

Nice Mr Mashed Crab

Have you ever wanted to run naked and free?

Have you ever cheered on nature’s side?

Have you ever thought how good it would be

If we could stop mankind’s destructive slide?

Nice Mr Mashed Crab

For if we choose to consume and ignore

If we continue to damage forest and shore

You won’t ever be able to swim, to roam, to be free

Because the earth is dieing under you and me

Nice Mr Mashed Crab

Do you want a world where wildlife and trees

Are merely images on our television screens?

Where new births in zoos is the lot for earth’s beasts

And evolutions path beats a hasty retreat?

Nice Mr Mashed Crab

We are merely a tick on the universe clock

Our entry begins at midnight on the dot

We arrive in the dark and if continue to play

The darkness will remain to our very last day

Nice Mr Mashed Crab

So please, let me ask you

What future we lay

Is not ours to give

To give, away

Nice Mr Mashed Crab

So Mashed Crab fans……….BE NICE YOU DESTRUCTIVE FUCKERS!! Be nice……….

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