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Gather your mates, a few beers, some munchies and a pack of your chosen herb – hemp, cannabis, marijuana, pot, skunk, weed – whatever’s right for your night.

It’s very simple to play: set up the board, shuffle the cards and place your chosen playing pieces on Greenland (where else?). Roll up a Toker TM spliff and ready yourselves for lots of laughs. Collect the ingredients you need to build a fat one as you fly high around the world map, bartering with other players and answering some fiendishly hilarious questions. You’ll not want the evening to finish, though we joke the aim of the game is to finish!

80 Tokes has been thoroughly road-tested on sane human beings to ensure it hits the sweet spot while under the influence.

80 Tokes is the board game YOU’VE been waiting for! Following an immediate sell-out of the limited signed edition, a further 170 of the first UK edition were released in February 2013. We’ll soon be launching the first global edition in Europe, Asia and the Americas, with a Spanish edition planned for summer 2013.

80 Tokes makes a unique gift idea. Forget the usual uninspired birthday knick-knacks and Chistmas what-not. Why not send your friend or lover around the world with us instead? Our trip can be taken at any time from the comfort of your own home, chill-out cafe, Thai beach bar, nightclub, dealer’s den, sex parlour – wherever it is that you leave behind the daily grind and go to smile and be happy.

80 Tokes is the ultimate post-clubbing way to socialise, take the edge off and find your groove with friends old and new. A great conversational piece that’s history in the making. We hope you’ll agree (and that you remember you agreed!).

80 Tokes: click, buy, receive. Add one or more fellow travellers and a henry – and away you go. Enjoy.

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