Prices and Delivery Information

Buy Around The World In 80 Tokes

The first release was a Limited Signed & Numbered Edition of only eighty game sets of ‘Around the World in 80 Tokes’. This has sold out. Five copies were retained and are available online at Amazon and for £49-97.

Subsequently, a small run of unsigned GB De Luxe game sets at £39-97 has been released. These are available for purchase online at eBay, Amazon Europe and You can also exclusively view and purchase the GB De Luxe game in person, for the same price, at Smokers Heaven head shop on Queen Street in Brighton, East Sussex, England.

Please click on the link below to get the online URLs for these retail outlets. Or you can simply search “80 Tokes Amazon” or “80 Tokes eBay” or “80 Tokes Smokers Heaven” in google. Please note that, if you require a copy urgently (!), then you should use Amazon Prime or visit Smokers Heaven head shop in Brighton.

PLEASE NOTE!!! – we DO NOT sell via re-sellers so AVOID buying off these on ebay – ukmegastore, tandemgoods, just4you-2015 and simplybestprices – they are NOT authorised sellers!

Should you have a special request, or are a wholesaler or retailer anywhere in the world, and would like to buy a copy direct from the creators, then please email Mashed Crab at

The packaged weight of both editions of the game – as they’re both handmade and very high quality – is a little under 3 kg or 6 lbs! The box size when wrapped for protection is normally under 36cm x 36cm x 20cm.

If you’re outside of the UK, in the USA, Europe or any country lumped in by the courier as the Rest of the World, please allow time for the courier to get the order from the UK to you. Please also bear in mind that the game may have to clear your country’s customs department – this is usual and happens with all post and packages from outside your country. The game is described as a ‘board game’ on the customs form CN22 and will show the ‘value’ of game.

Buy Around The World In 80 Tokes