Quality – and you’re going to laugh ALOT!

80 Tokes is a luxury, high quality board game, featuring possibly the largest game board in the known universe: a HUGE fold-out 90 cm by 60 cm, in full vibrant colour and with a laminated surface. Hand-assembled, quality produced and stunningly printed by chaps working Heidelberg presses. No matter how blasted you are, mate, you can’t miss it! Also ready to tantalise and amuse you are 197 Wheezy Chest TM and 52 Chance cards, 8 fun playing pieces including our custom-crafted wizard and tactile marijuana leaf, plus a stupidly-large mouse, a ten-sided die and ingredient tokens (24 baccy, 24 weed, 12 match and 12 paper). The set has been designed and produced in Britain, printed by the finest printing company in London, and should last you a lifetime. And there aren’t many people who make things like that any more.

Of course, as important as the quality, is the fact that 80 tokes is simply the BEST board game you’ll ever play. What beats a good smoke with friends, happily bartering your hard won ingredients and laughing as one of you finds it difficult to ask one of the questions, let alone answer one? (Yes, we know THAT beats it but she’s not always up for it now, is she?)

We spent nine years nursing this baby from a twinkle of an idea into a monster of a game and it’s YOU who gets to play it. You lucky, lucky people. Roll up, light up and it’s time to fly. And we throw in a guarantee, one we will stand by for life! If you manage to play the game without killing yourself laughing we’ll buy you a beer. Just be in the pub at 8pm on Wednesday and your pint will be waiting.

To whet your appetite and to let you in on a bit of the humour here’s one of the questions you’ll face on your way around the world……..and you’ll be on your way to 80 tokes by then so it’ll just be better……………

In Pacific Grove there is a law establishing a $500 fine for what? Abusing Aardvarks, Slapping Snakes, Molesting Butterflies, Kissing Cats

And for the wheezy chest cards we give you…………..

You finally join the mile high club. Next time you resolve to have someone with you!  Fly to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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