More US states vote to legalise cannabis!

More US states vote to legalise cannabis! Or, you can say what your like about Americans (no, really, I mean it, you can say WHATEVER you like) but at least some of them appear to possess a brain.


Now Mashed Crab, along with most of the thinking world, tends to view America as a problem, populated by people who think that a bearded bloke who lives in the clouds invented everything and that this bearded bloke has given them the go ahead to blow up and murder anyone who looks a bit dodgy and lives somewhere other than America.


So it is with a measure of surprise but also significant happiness that I can report that some Americans do appear to have the ability to think for themselves, for on Tuesday people in Washington, D.C., Alaska and Oregon voted to legalise cannabis use. Yep, the people of these states join open minded people in Colorado and Washington in allowing adults to posses and consume cannabis just for fun. Now this doesn’t excuse the rest of the American populace for the considerable other shit that this country is responsible for (rendition, torture, napalm, murder, carpet bombing, drone use on civilians, Guantanamo Bay, mass surveillance of it’s own people, David Hasselhoff, MacDonalds, George Bush and creationism) but what it does do is shine a light on how backward many other countries are when it comes to the use cannabis.


This man is too busy wanking off his banker friends to care about legalising cannabis!


This man is too busy swallowing the semen recently wanked by the man above to care about legalising cannabis!


And this man isn’t sure if he’s too busy, but if he is he’ll get back to you, if you write to him and send him a spliff!

So Crab fans, let’s act as a counter weight to the bullshit of the Daily Mail mob and get motivated to legalise it…………


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