‘The last time I laughed this much Aunty Mabel got her left tit caught in the mangle’ – Sir Rollit the third
‘The best game I’ve ever played, and I’ve played a few’ – Marvin the paranoid android
‘There is NO better way of spending the rest of your life’ – Bert ‘where’s the fridge gone’ Puffit
‘Since I first played 80 tokes I haven’t been outside’ – Dave ‘serving life anyway’ Robbit

‘Brixton is smiling, Amsterdam is smiling, Thailand is rocking. This game is THE game changer’ – Everyone basically
‘I finished 80 tokes and I can still see’ – Andy ‘don’t let the white stick fool you’ Jones
‘Jesus said come forth. I came fifth but still went back for more’ Willy ‘da da da’ Flump
‘House prices crash, immigrants steal babies and Diana lives with Elvis on the moon and we blame 80 tokes’ The bleedin’ Daily Mail
‘Whoops, there goes my bloomers’ Auntie ‘not sure about Auntie Bernard’ Bernard

‘Buy this game for someone you love. Better still get someone you love to buy YOU this game’ – Fred ‘fried green eyes’ Splutternuts